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We rely on water in more ways than we realize. At Water World, we think it’s important to know what’s in your water. Water testing and analyzing your water is the first step to fresher, better-tasting and better smelling water every day.

How Does Water Testing Work?

A basic water test from Water World Purification Systems is free and as easy as scheduling an appointment with Water World online, or over the phone. Here’s how it works:

water testing
Step 1

We’ll sample your tap water and perform our water test right in your kitchen.

Step 2

Results can vary, but generally the water test takes 10 minutes or less.

Step 3

When the water testing is complete, we’ll discuss the results with you.

free water testing

When and Why Should I ask for Water Testing

Some dissolved solids, heavy metals, minerals, and other impurities cause odors or odd tastes, and in some cases can even affect your health. Even more importantly, some water additives and impurities, like arsenic, cause problems you can’t taste, see, or smell.

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Get Your FREE Water Testing

After moving to a new house.

If appliances that use water are burning out or collecting residue.

As soon as you notice something seems off, like your water’s odor, taste, or appearance.

Fixtures are running slow or have mineral buildup.

Utility bills are climbing.

free home water testing

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Free Home Water Testing

Schedule a free in-home water test today to get custom solutions for your toughest water problems.

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