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Is your water cloudy?

Cloudy, murky or grayish water is usually caused by dissolved or suspended solids. You may even notice dirt or sediments. This is also known as “turbidity” and can clog pipes and faucets and cause staining.

Does your water taste or smell like Chlorine?

If your water smells or tastes of chlorine, you have dry eyes or skin, or if your eczema seems worse when you use your water, chlorine removal will help.

Does your water smell unpleasant like rotten eggs?

Hydrogen Sulfide removal is easily accomplished with a Sulfur Block.

Do you have any of the following issues?

Cloudy or water spots on glassware? Dry skin or hair? Soap scum and clogged pipes? Softening your water will help.

Was your Home built before 1986?

Lead is typically found in water due to the corrosion of lead from solder and piping in older homes. Lead can cause developmental delays, kidney damage, and high blood pressure.

Do you or you family members have frequent bouts with diarrhea or gastroenteritis?

Coliform bacteria can cause diarrhea or Gastroenteritis. Symptoms may not always present themselves. Some individuals may be more susceptible to Coliform bacteria than others.

Do you smell any strange odor associatied with your water?

Chemicals (VOCs) in water can produce a sweet, pleasant odor, or the taste or smell of gasoline or solvents in your water. Chemicals may also cause skin and/or mucus membrane irritation.

Have you or a family member recently been on medication?

Both prescribed and over the counter pharmaceuticals and their metabolites can be found in wastewater. The improper disposal of medication can also introduce pharmaceuticals into aquifers that supply our wells.

Do you have brownish to black stains in sinks, toilets and tubs?

Manganese can leave brownish stains similar to iron and cause black discoloration, Manganese also reacts with bleach to cause stains on laundry.

Do you have blueish-green stains on fixtures, tubs and toilets?

The telltale signs of low pH are bluish-green stains on fixtures, tubs and toilets. Low pH can also cause a metallic taste.

Dos you water leave reddish-brown stains on sinks, toilets and tubs?

If your water is reddish, comes out clear but leaves reddish-brown stains in sinks, toilets, and tubs or tastes metallic, you probably have excess iron.

Does your water come from a well?

Wells should be tested annually for nitrates, especially in areas where fertilizers are commonly used. An estimated 1.5 million people annually are potentially exposed to nitrates from rural domestic wells.

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